Scholarships awarded in partnership by LUSCEF and the Lambda Upsilon Sigma Chapter

Scholarship Application

In partnership with the Lambda Upsilon Sigma Chapter, LUSCEF awards scholarships to students seeking degrees from a college or university. The scholarships awarded by the chapter include:

  • Collin College Academic Scholarship |  Award: $1,275 

  • Pearls of Promise Debutante Program Scholarship | Award: Minimum of $500

  • Lambda Upsilon Sigma Undergraduate Scholarship|  Award: $500

  • Lambda Upsilon Sigma Philo Scholarship|  Award: $500

  • Lambda Upsilon Sigma Essay Contest Scholarship  |  Award: $150-$500

Applications for the Collin College Academic Scholarship are processed through the Collin College Foundation.


Recipients of the Pearls of Promise Debutante Program Scholarship must be a current participant in the program. For more information, click here.

To apply for any of the other scholarships awarded by LUSCEF and Lambda Upsilon Sigma, complete the application below.