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Seven days of impactful service with a focused agenda

7 Days of Sigma

The 7 Days of Sigma is a local initiative of the Lambda Upsilon Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. designed to impact the local community through seven days of impactful service with a focused agenda. Though we are in unprecedented times and the face of serving as we know it, has been shaped by the pandemic. Our motto, Greater Service, Greater Progress, reigns true in every effort, initiative, and donation. We set the standard for service and this pandemic is no match for our unparalleled, collective service efforts.

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Dec. 4th:  Supporting Senior's at Sandy Lake Rehabilitation Center


Dec 5th: Supporting Women at Emily's Place

Dec. 6th: Supporting Women and Community at Samaritan Inn

Dec. 7th: Supporting Youth a City House

Dec. 8th: Supporting Women at Hope's Door


Dec.  9th: Supporting Children at Casa of Collin County

Dec. 10th: Supporting Babies and their Families at Children's Hospital

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