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Scholarships awarded in partnership by LUSCEF and the Lambda Upsilon Sigma Chapter

Scholarship Application

In partnership with the Lambda Upsilon Sigma Chapter, LUSCEF awards scholarships to Middle and High School Student, as well as ,Undergraduates, and Philos seeking degrees from a college or university. The scholarships awarded by the chapter include:

  • (1) Middle School Prize –  Award: Google Chromebook

  • (3) High School Prizes – Award: $750

  • (1) LUS Philo Prize – Award: $500

  • (1) LUS Undergrad Prize – Award: $500

Scholarship Topic:

 "Graduation is the closing of one chapter and the start of a new one. Describe how you will succeed in your academic life and personal life in the next chapter of your life."

To apply for any of the other scholarships awarded by LUSCEF and Lambda Upsilon Sigma, complete the application below.

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