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Scholarships awarded in partnership by LUSCEF and the Lambda Upsilon Sigma Chapter

Scholarship Application

In partnership with the Lambda Upsilon Sigma Chapter, LUSCEF awards scholarships to students seeking degrees from a college or university. The scholarships awarded by the chapter include:

  • Collin College Academic Scholarship |  Award: $1,500 

  • Middle School Prizes | Award: Google Chromebooks

  • High School Prizes | Award: $1,000

  • Lambda Upsilon Sigma Undergraduate Scholarship|  Award: $500

  • Lambda Upsilon Sigma Philo Scholarship|  Award: $500

  • Lambda Upsilon Sigma Graduate Scholarship|  Award: $500

Applications for the Collin College Academic Scholarship are processed through the Collin College Foundation.

To apply for any of the other scholarships awarded by LUSCEF and Lambda Upsilon Sigma, complete the application below.

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