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Donate Now Through April 22, 2020

A'Myah Moon is a brilliant and energetic sixth grade student in Plano, Texas who was recently the victim of a heartbreaking bullying incident of having her wig pulled off in front of her classmates. 

For any child to experience this is heartbreaking but what makes what happened to A'Myah even more hurtful is she was recently diagnosed with Castlemans Disease, a rare form of cancer. For the last year, A'Myah has endured intense treatment to combat the disease; treatment that has had a multitude of side effects including hair loss.

As you can imagine, this is a very trying season for her and her family; one that has been made even more stressful by what happened at school last week. As stressful and trying as this season is, it is not one that she and her family can't overcome. And it is not one that they will face alone.

In partnership with the Lambda Upsilon Sigma Chapter, LUSCEF will be hosting a giving campaign for A'Myah to help alleviate the financial hardship her family is facing on her road to recovery.


This campaign will run through April 22, 2020 and 100% of the funds raised using the donation link provided below will go directly to A'Myah's mother, Syreeta Smith. Ms. Smith and A'Myah will be presented with the total amount raised at the Pearls of Promise Debutante Cotillion & Scholarship Gala on Sunday, April 26, 2020 where A'Myah will be celebrated as an honorary debutante. 

For more information or for additional questions, contact


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