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Debutante Nzaria Scales

Favorite Quote: 

"You don't know what the future holds, but the decisions you make today will heavily impact it's outcome. Fight for the things you believe in. but choose your battles wisely, because every ounce of energy you put out, will come back in some shape or form. Be aware of your thoughts; write them down as often as you can. Correct yourself when you're wrong; don't be too prideful about it, just make things right. Love yourself above anything else and always move with gratitude in your heart. You got this!"

-Esther T.

College(s) of Choice:

Howard University

Spelman College

Emory University

Support me by making a donation, purchasing an ad for the cotillion souvenir journal, or purchasing a ticket. Your support will directly benefit me and be added to the total scholarship I am awarded at the 2021 Pearls of Promise Debutante Cotillion​. Click one of the buttons below to support! 

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